Corporate Video Production – What works today and why.

In the last few years corporate videos and how they are used by potential customer has changed dramatically. The undeniable fact is: Potential clients are watching Internet video on company websites to make buying decisions. Trends in corporate and business video production and delivery methods have changed to match these new habits. The marketing strategy you use for your next video project should mirror these changes as well. How those potential clientele preceive your business by virture of watching your video should be your primary concern. 

We were reading a posting by Jimm Fox, the President of One Market Media in Canada, where he used this fascinating chart below to described these changes in business video succinctly.  It's important that business owners, marketing personnel, and creative types understand how thing use to be and how they are now; Times, they are a changing. 

We here at DVC TEXT LOGO12 pt whole heartily concur with Jimm's evaluation of these new and more efficient uses of video media in business websites. We think you'll recognize how these new approaches reflect obvious changes in our society and in personal shopping preferences - maybe even yours. Read on...  

Traditional approach

What works today

Focus of corporate video

Your business or product

Solving your customer’s problems



Small – Medium

Access to videos

Tightly controlled by the sales team or marketing

Created with the express purpose of being shared… everywhere.

Primary delivery

- Tradeshows
- Meetings
- Sales Calls

Web, as well as other traditional methods

Typical message delivery

Actor, presenter or professional voice-over

Real people saying real things

Desired perception of a corporate video



Frequency of production

1 or 2 videos a year

10’s or even 100’s of videos

Scope of video production

Broad – a single video covered as much ground as possible

Narrow – video focuses on a specific audience with a targeted message

Where videos are found on a corporate website

In your ‘video’ section

Wherever customers need to view video on your site

Where videos should be found

On your website

Wherever your client happens to be: YouTube, a business portal, on their mobile phone, searching, etc.)

Uses of Video

- TV Commercials
- Sales  Presentations
- Homepage of your website.

- Customer Testimonials
- Video Case studies
-  Product ‘explainer’ videos
- Product FAQ
- Event promotion
- Recruiting
- Viral Video
- Content marketing
- Infomercials
- Interactive video
- Branded entertainment
- Video press releases
- Community relations videos

Our solutions

We create our videos to accomplish your goals not ours!