about the denver video company

The Denver Video Company's mission is to provide our clients with the best video solutions to meet their marketing strategy. We work in concert with every client transforming their ideas into a reality; advising them on the most reasonable and effective approach to their video. We then execute innovative production and editing techniques to create a video that truly speaks to their audience. Our considerable experience in video production and marketing are a winning combination for our clients.

We believe in the brainstorming approach to creating the perfect video. We are surrounded by some of Denver's best and brightest and we tap into their creative proclivities on a regular basis. We don't stop there; we include our clients in this process. We are the video experts, but our clients are experts in their businesses. We ask the right questions to insure that the video we produce uses the correct language, follows the correct time line and speaks directly to our clients customers. We consider each video we produce as a collaborative effort. We enjoy this process and learn from each and every video we create.


video collaborators 

Consider Denver Video Company an extended part of your team. We don't sell you a package and then just run you through the production process. Denver Video Company is deeply committed to providing our clients with innovative and effective solutions for their video needs and marketing strategies.


your location or ours

If it makes sense, we will produce your video in our studios, if not, Denver Video Company will come to you. We offer a full studio set-up at the location of your choice. We come prepared with the highest quality HD Camera(s), professional audio equipment, full lighting set-ups, backdrops and props. Whatever it takes to execute your production seamlessly.


video hosting at incredible speeds

Denver Video Company offers exceptional web hosting for our client’s video material. We provide reasonably priced storage space for your media as well as hundreds of players and playlist options. Our superior video playback capability prevents the majority of web viewing issues such as slowed playback, stuttering, and excessive buffering. Whether or not you choose our hosting services, we place every video into traditional sources such as YouTube and Vimeo. We will create your account and upload you video with all the correct information to insure your video is seen.


internet marketing 

Get your message out to as many prospects as possible by harnessing the power of web marketing. Denver Video's sister company, Episodic Media, excels at providing clients with enhanced exposure on the web through such services as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), analytics, Internet ad campaigns, video landing pages and so much more.


motion graphics 

Denver Video Company's editing staff are all experts in creating graphic elements with motion. Everything from lower third graphics that identify the speakers to dynamic presentation of your logo.  The addition of our graphics help create compelling and visually impressive productions. It's this attention to detail that will help set your video apart from the others.

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professional acting talent 

Experience has show that business owners, their staff and real customers make the best on screen talent for most business and corporate videos. So we work with our clients to make them at ease and feel confident in front of the camera. Our field teleprompters make it easy to deliver your lines. We don't short change on "takes", we repeat the process until you've given your best performance. However, some situations do call for professional talent; Denver Video Company draws upon its large pool of Denver and National acting talent to to insure your message is best conveyed. We have worked with talent for years and have the skills to get their best performance.


voice overs 

We have some of Colorado's best professional voice-over talent, allowing us to provide you with the precise vocalization that you are looking for. Check out some of our favorite voice talent on the talent tab at the top of this page.

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hair & makeup 

Denver Video can provide some of Colorado's most experienced Hair and Makeup Artists for your shoot, so that you can rest assured you'll look your very best.

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sound tracks 

The music that accompanies your video can make a real difference in its overall quality. Denver Video Company chooses the best royalty free music to fit in your video. However, sometimesw clients want something special in their sound track or the project simply demands some unique music. Denver Video Company works with a variety of composers so that our clients have the option of a soundtrack tailored to their specifications.




Our solutions

We create our videos to accomplish your goals not ours!